Chop Chin Joo Bicycle was founded in 1970 by Mr Lee Chiew. It was initially a shop to sell & repair bicycles as well as providing plumbing repair service. After Mr Lee passed away, the business was taken by her son and daughter in 1980's. However, the bicycle shop at that moment focused on daily urban bikes (adults and children) and baby related products, i.e. stroller, walker, cradle, etc. 


Today, Chop Chin Joo has shifted the business model from fully low end, into a bicycle business covering low, mid and partly high end bikes. Besides, we also provide bicycle repair, upgrading, and bike servicing services.


As part of continuation to fulfill market demand, CCJ also selling variety of quality baby products.


We believe, with our sincerity and professions, we are able to deliver the best services and product to all customers.